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These people are responsible for your kid’s early education. Be sure that all of them are completely certified, practice-proven and highly dedicated education industry professionals!

honor of standford


Brenda has a been working in urban K-12 education for over a decade. Most recently, she was the chief financial officer at Match Education, a high performing charter…

honor of RISD


Dominic worked in east San Jose for the last ten years, teaching and leading in district and charter elementary schools. In between, he spent two years teaching integrated…

honor of RISD

Owner/Head Teacher

Jenna s a pediatrician and an education entrepreneur. In particular, she is interested in integrating her work in health and education through designing and…

art center college of design


I have been principal at B.B.P.S. since 2007. Prior to that I was a teacher and deputy principal in local schools and lectured in teacher training. I am interested in…