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Kai Sun ART INSTRUCTOR BFA of Fine Arts Expertise/Skills: 25+ Years Teaching Experience, Professional Artist, Drawing And Painting, Photography, Portfolio Program Instructor.

Priscilla Ortiz

ART INSTRUCTOR BA of Studio Arts, Minor in Philosophy Music Business Certificate Expertise/Skills: 20+ years teaching experience, Professional Artist, Drawing and Painting.

Eddy Wu ART INSTRUCTOR BFA of Illustration Expertise/Skills: Photography, Illustration, Graphic Design, Tutor of Portfolio Program.
Jim Jin ART INSTRUCTOR BFA of Graphic design Professional Graphic Designer Expertise/Skills: Graphic Design, Illustration & Painting
Stephanie Tucker


BFA in Illustration Expertise/Skills: Drawing & Painting, Animation, Sculpture and Stage Design Instructor. Freelance Video Game concept artist and Illustrator. Portfolio Program Instructor

Vincent Van Groenou ART INSTRUCTOR/WRITING INSTRUCTOR BFA of Illustration CTE Instructor of Los Angeles County Office of Education-LACOE Expertise/Skills: Art Education, Drawing and Painting, Portfolio Program Writing Instructor

Tomás Montalvo-Lagos

BA of Illustration/ Communication Design
Senior Illustrator of Walt Disney Co.: Disney Imagicademy
Expertise/Skills: Concept Art, Illustration

Jacqueline (Jackie) Cheng ART INSTRUCTOR BFA of Illustration Expertise/Skills: Child Art Education, Craft Making
Christien Equahua ART INSTRUCTOR BFA of Illustration Expertise/Skills: Art Education, Drawing And Painting, Craft Making
Winne Fu ART INSTRUCTOR BFA of Illustration Expertise/Skills: Child Art Education, Craft Making
Sarah Dahl ART INSTRUCTOR BFA of Illustration and Graphic Design Professional Studies in Textile Technology (FIT) Expertise/Skills: Illustration, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Portfolio Program Instructor
Andrew Keo ART INSTRUCTOR BS of Science Media Arts & Animation Expertise/Skills: Digital Art, Visual Effects and Film, Portfolio Program Instructor
Helen Wang ART INSTRUCTOR Professional Studies in Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design Expertise/Skills: Illustration, Graphic Design

Joel Michael

BFA of Studio Art, Emphasis in Drawing & Painting
Skills: Drawing & Painting, Illustration, Life Drawing

Chang Yang ART INSTRUCTOR BFA of Fashion Design Expertise/Skills: Illustration, Fashion Design, Portfolio Program Instructor