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Why Choose Us?


100% Acceptance Rate

100% of U.S. Art and Design portfolio prep students were accepted to the colleges and universities of their choice. 99% of our portfolio prep students have been admitted to the top 5 art schools in the nation. 80% of our students were offered scholarships from the schools applied to. Each year, U.S. Art and Design portfolio prep students receive scholarships totaling more than one million dollars combined.


School Application Help

We help portfolio prep students apply and get into the college(s) of their choice. We get to know each student individually as well as the work they produce and will recommend schools based on personality, portfolio, and specific needs. We will suggest schools that will be a good fit for the student’s goals, aspirations and career plans. U.S. Art and Design will assist and advise students with personal artist’s statement, recommendation letters, and grammatical help. We assist in seeking volunteer or internship opportunities, and provide mock interview practice if necessary for college entrance requirements.


One-On-One Consultation

Each portfolio prep student will be assigned an experienced portfolio Advisor who will counsel students in completing school requirements, assist in the creation of a portfolio, and review student progress regularly. The portfolio Advisor will also be available to provide school information, and answer student and parent questions about potential colleges.


Oversee Portfolio Production

The amount of time it takes to begin and finalize an appropriate portfolio could take several months to years. U.S. Art and Design portfolio advisors will oversee the student’s progress throughout his or her program, and assist with learning about the college application procedures.


Personalized Portfolio

U.S. Art and Design portfolio prep students will complete their program and exit with a personalized portfolio unique to their strengths, personalities and goals. The completed portfolios will serve as a reflection of each student and meet the requirements of the schools applied to or projected majors and pathways. Our program will insure a one of a kind portfolio for every student and contain within the characteristics of what makes them special.


Professional Instructor/Advisory Team

Our instruction/Advisory Team has over 20 years experience with helping students reach their targeted goals. We employ more than 25 visual art instructors with varied professional backgrounds in the field, providing a versatile art program. With this expansive foundation, students leave the portfolio program with a diverse history to build upon and follow their own pathways. We also provide professional artist teaching residencies in various art fields and provide lectures and workshops.